Before submitting toMega Porn Links please take the time to read and understand the rules. Failure in ANY of the rules and your application will be deleted.

follow the rules and you WILL be listed
updated 27th September 2005
If a site lacks any sort of personality or any other reason for a surfer to visit it then it must have:
  • minimum of 20 pics (and minimum of 10 pics per page)
  • no more than 3 banners/links to sponsors on each page
  • a clear cut warning page without misleading "enter" links
  • site must fit within 800 x 600 to get listed
  • Must use the correct reciprical link when submitting a site.
    No Consoles , Full Page Ads and Blind Links.
    Poor quality images are NEVER accepted.
    No 3rd lvl domains.
    I am so sick of so called MILF content, if you have submitted a site with 'MILF or Mature' and the models are what I think not of correct age for these catagories....Your account is deleted.
    Banned Words : Young, Youngest, Lolita, Underage, Rape, Forced, Incest, Child
    Easy one here, NO CH|LD PORN SITES...I WILL report you!!
    No templates sites, after a time they get very stale.
    No counters are allowed.
    If i have never heard of some of the other lists you submit to I wont accept your sites .

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