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December 27 No Wonder Some People Like Cactus
December 28 What would happen if cows ruled the world
December 29 Another Use For Toilet Paper
January 5 Hey Ma, Where Did It Go
January 6 She Would Make A Great Lesbian
January 7 Whats Bill Up To These Days
January 8 Bill Is Still Up...If Ya Get My Meaning
January 9 Man Boobs At Their Best
January 10 Tweetie Bird Is The King
January 11 Brains, Who Need Them
January 12 Im Sure She Is Really Smart
January 13 She Is Really Enjoying This
January 14 Classic Comments From Magazines
January 16 What Ball Is He Punting
January 20 Dont Mess With The Law Here
January 21 Reality TV
January 23 Well Disguised
January 25 Election Results
January 26 Men Are Not The Real Problem
January 29 Aint This Sign The Truth
January 30 Millions OF People Will Agree
January 31 Where Did The Wind Really Come From
February 1 Which Way Would You Go
February 2 It Does Cost An Arm And A Leg These Days
February 3 Halloween Flashers
February 4 Must Be A True Scottsman
February 5 Ok Let Me At Em NOW
February 6 Im Sure We All Know This Feeling
February 7 Wonder If This Is A No Parking Zone
February 8 A True Bacelors Fridge
February 13 One Strong Poodle
July 26th 2004 I knew It Was True
July 27th 2004 Damn Computers
July 28th 2004 Diplomacy At Its Best
July 29th 2004 Whats For Dinner
July 30th 2004 This Is Funny
August 3rd 2004 Typical Aussies
August 4th 2004 What Goes On At The North Pole
August 5th 2004 The Other Side Of Mt Rushmore
August 6th 2004 Thirsty Work
August 9th 2004 How Very true
August 11th 2004 Every Married Man Will Agree
August 12th 2004 Not A Good Sign
August 13th 2004 He Will Get The Message
August 16th 2004 Nothing To Do With Oil
August 17th 2004 Sure Is Addictive
August 18th 2004 No Comment Needed Here
August 19th 2004 One Pissed Off Pussy
August 20th 2004 Someone Will Still Steal This
August 23rd 2004 Any Criminal Need A Job
August 24th 2004 I Believe This
August 25th 2004 Looks Like A Friend Of Mine At Halloween
August 26th 2004 Not Really Funny But Worth A Look
August 30th 2004 Progression Or Regression
September 1st 2004 Those Damn Raindears
September 2nd 2004 Funny Poem
September 6th 2004 The Police Have Some Humour
September 7th 2004 Rather Funny This Article
September 8th 2004 Thats Some Fresh Meat
September 14th 2004 Interesting Veggies
September 15th 2004 One Kick Ass Short Bus
September 16th 2004 Female Drivers
September 20th 2004 Great Penmanship
September 21st 2004 One Smart Groom
September 22nd 2004 Job Interview
September 23rd 2004 How To Make Iclicles
September 27th 2004 Santa And His Slaves
September 28th 2004 What A Shitty Job
September 29th 2004 Now Thats A Decoration
October 5th 2004 Typical Blonde
October 6th 2004 Moon Santa
October 7th 2004 NASA IS Too Late
October 11th 2004 Good Play On Words
October 12th 2004 Difference Between Men And Women
October 13th 2004 Horse Power Same As Cow Power
October 14th 2004 Damn Plastic Surgeons
October 20th 2004 The Best Microsoft Keyboard
October 21st 2004 I Tell Ya Phones Are Everywhere





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